Saturday, May 18, 2013

Secret to Successful Beeswax Candle Making

One thing I can't tell you is that this is  my invention.

This info was passed to me by Oxford Honey & Supplies in Burgessville Ontario.

When making candles you'll find that propolis is naturally present in the wax and will be melted in with your wax.

When you pour your hot wax the propolis would then becomes part of the candle.

The problem this creates is when the candle is lit you'll notice little bursts or flashes of the candle flame--or lots of flickering.

This happens when the propolis hits the flame as the candle burns.

The secret to avoid this is to filter out the propolis.

How do you do this?  Simply add a second filter to your process by putting a piece of cotton over your container.

Then pour your hot wax through a fine mesh strainer with the cotton underneath.

The cotton like the red t-shirt in this photo will filter out the propolis.

Here we have pillar candles cooling off,

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Sam Sherman said...


Thank you for sharing this information. I never had a chance to use natural bee wax to make candles and I have started to find now. Keep going.

Sam Sherman