Sunday, October 22, 2017

Beekeeper's Best Friend - A Tool Belt

I love this handmade leather tool belt.

It's made specifically for beekeepers and they are sold by a friend of mine who has been keeping bees for close to 30 years and also teaches beekeeping.

How many times have you had your hands full of bees and needed your hive tool and couldn't find it?

This belt eliminates losing the hive tool and keeps it close at hand.

What is on the belt?  There is a magnetized clip that you slap you hive tool onto.

The best part is you'll always know where the tool is and won't have to go looking for it.

I had my belt customized after a few years to have two magnetized clips because I often work with two hive tools at the same time when prying open hive bodies.

There's a small loop to hold a lighter, a queen cage and a pocket to add a queen marker, scissors, pliers or any other tool that comes in handy.

If anyone is interested in purchasing these hive tools, you can get them shipped internationally from either of these two bee suppliers in Ontario.

(the belt is shown in their PDF catalog that's online)