Saturday, August 27, 2016

You might have noticed I haven't been blogging much the last few years.  Well, I kind of got sick, got busier, had trouble keeping up, got a lay off notice (they sent my job to Toronto), found another job, then spent a year and a half in training for the new job and then we were so busy they wouldn't let me take my holiday time off so I could work the bees.... swarms sat in trees and flew away while I sat behind a desk ... It was a frustrating time.  Yada yada yada.

So.  I'm back. And I hope to post more regularly.  Got the job all sorted out and things are so much easier now.  And I'm feeling much better too.

To catch up briefly, two winters ago I had 20 hives and in the spring I'd lost half.  What a mess to clean up dead hives.  Such an incredibly depressing job.  If you're a beekeeper you have either already experienced it or might in future--I certainly hope you never do.

I had not lost a single hive for 5 years and then I lost half just after corn was planted all around my yard.

Last year I lost one hive.  But it wasn't a good year.  The bees were requeening all summer and their numbers were low.  Most hives didn't make enough honey that I could take any.  I left extra boxes on and removed them this spring once the bees were going well.

This year I didn't lose any.  One hive was very weak but they've built themselves up beautifully.

It's been a very good season so far this summer.  Drought conditions and the hottest summer in Ontario in 135 years.  So record breaking.  Now we're getting the rains and I've had a few days at home (beekeeper's day off) and boy oh boy, have I ever gotten into mischief.  But more on that very soon.

Stay tuned!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Zombees do exist and found in Canada

Read about the phorid fly which has been found attacking a hive of bees in Vancouver BC.  It's reportedly the first time it's been spotted in Canada.

CBC report on Zombees