Monday, April 23, 2012

Celebrate Earth Day 22 April 2012

Today is Earth Day.  I'm going to make a point to pause during the day to stop and smell the flowers and appreciate our incredible planet.

I've been reviewing my ecological footprint lately to see where I can make even more improvements to help the planet.

So far I take the bus to work, share rides with people as much as possible, use energy efficient lighting and turn them off when I'm not in the room.  In winter I turn the heat down more and wear sweaters and in summer I turn the a/c up a bit more and run ceiling fans.

Out at the bee yard over the years there's been some garbage dumped.  It's frustrating when lazy and cheap small time renovators look for a quiet location where they can pull in on the Q-T and dump their garbage ... a whole bathroom renovation, complete with a broken toilet sits in a large pile.

[Photo - my hives are just past the top left of this site.]

I found a huge pile of empty pop cans.  They can be recycled and I gathered them up--10 garbage bags worth.  Sadly a few had pop in them because I poured the fluid out along with about 20 drowned bees.

The clean up is a big task so I'm using my "how to eat an elephant" philosophy.  The answer?  One bite at a time.

Each time I go to the bee yard I bring home a bag of garbage.

It's also time to fix the main gate to keep these dumpers from accessing the property.

Today is supposed to be a day to celebrate the earth but I feel more like spending it apologizing to her on behalf of us humans.

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