Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Book Review: The Backyard Beekeeper's Honey Handbook

In the first two minutes flipping through this book I got the perfect answer to how to warm my honey up slowly without using too much heat (how to build a warming box).

This book would be enjoyed by a beginner, giving them information they can use but I think the perfect reader for this book is a beekeeper with a couple years experience or one who is preparing to expand their business.

There are many large colour photos throughout which add to the written descriptions. The primary focus of the book is giving pointers on how to preserve the flavour and quality of the honey right up to point of sale.

The secondary focus is on how to produce artisan honey - those lovely unique flavours from mono floral sources.

The third focus is a review of all the equipment and techniques used to remove frames of honey from the hive, and covering all the equipment used for extracting--showing hobbyist equipment right up to equipment used in a large commercial operation.

Honey house layouts are pictured and explained from a small corner in a room to a warehouse sized operation. Flowers that provide great tasting honey and also not so great are covered. (I knew bees loved common privet but I had no idea it made a horrible tasting honey). \

The back of the book has numerous recipes that include honey. The author is a bit repetitive about not overheating honey and mentioning the value of artisan honey but the rest of the book has enough information to satisfy the reader.

I recommend this book.

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İlhami Uyar said...

İn my opinion,technicials details very important to all jobs,new beginner must read those books certainly.with my best wishes,I hope you can get eneough honey in harvest season.