Sunday, May 21, 2017

Kelly Kettle a Beekeeper's Friend

While camping on an overseas trip my friend got out this metal thing that looked like a canister and in less than five minutes we all had hot coffees in our hands.  Wow.  Very nice to have a warm up on a cold afternoon.

It's called a Kelly Kettle and is an Irish design that's been used for many years   The kettle sits on a base where a small fire is created.  The intense heat rises up like a chimney through the hollow center of the kettle and rapidly heats the water.

It takes almost no fuel (leaves, twigs) to create the small fire.  There are also accessories that sit in the bottom fire bowl to cook food or a pot rest that sits on the top of the kettle.

This is great for camping and hiking as well.  Sold by it comes in a lighter weight aluminum or a heavier steel that lasts longer.

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Lovely bloog you have here