Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bees Bees Bees

It was supposed to be my week off.  And it wasn't really going to be a vacation either.

The bees had swarmed and I'd caught them.  The split from a few weeks ago was successful and doing well.  It was time for a break.  Time to catch up on things at home.  Catch up on things like housework, gardening and sitting in the back yard doing nothing.  And of course reading another mystery novel.

My vacation week is now three quarters finished and the only thing I've done is taken care of the bees.

Bees, bees, bees.

It seems everything is about them:  A neighbourhood swarm collected, then hived the next day.  Suddenly we realize we're out of equipment.  Every deep and bottom board is in service.  What if another hive swarms or I must do a split?

Off to the supplier I go to stock up with extra deeps.  While there I may as well get some supers.

Then I find I'm back in the bee yard doing an inspection of the honey supers and making sure the hives have enough room.

Finally I'm done the inspection.  I sit down in the yard to relax.  I tell myself to think of something else, something not about bees.

I look up at the sky.  It's a beautiful shade of blue and I can only see two clouds.  Look at the clouds I tell myself to relax and have some fun.  Imagine the clouds as shapes like you used to do when you were you
were young.
I smile.  I'm pleased that my mind is willing to move on to other things.  Things not about bees.  I look at this cloud.  What does it look like I ask myself?

I examine it carefully.  I realize it looks just like a.... queen cell.

And look.  I see the centre of the cloud looks like a queen bee pupae.

See.  Everything isn't always just about bees.

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