Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Honey Bee Blog - For Children

I'm very pleased to announce that my other bee blog, called the Bee-Magic Chronicles for Kids is now up and running.

Of course, it's about honey bees. It's a blog for enthusiasts, educators and nature lovers and it'll be geared to children. I hope it covers topics that they will find interesting.

I've been planning to have this blog all along but first needed to finish my children's novel about honey bees--I'm working on finding a literary agent who will help me to get published. Hopefully in the near future I'll have info to share on that front.

Next I had to get through my first very busy summer of keeping bees--reading back through my 2009 summer of blogging is a whirlwind of experience. Oh yes, lots happened!

This winter I'll tackle candle making, lip balm making, beauty treatments with honey, do some bee book reviews, attend some lectures if I can and paint my new hives for spring. I'll keep reading up on the beekeeping yahoo groups and any new information out there about CCD and pests. I'll also be keeping an eye out for a 4 frame stainless steel electric extractor.... know anyone selling one???? Just thought I'd ask.

And, I'm increasing in the spring from 2 hives to 4. That should end the family comment "is that all I get?" when I gave them their jars of honey last fall. I don't think 4 hives will be that much more work than 2 since I have to go to the bee yard anyway.

I love letting loose my crazy creative mind to explain bees to kids in what I hope is a fun and wacky way. That's where you can help. Can you drag your kids to the computer and force them--I mean ask them nicely--to read some of the blog?

I'd be awesome if you could ask your children, nieces and nephews or kids at heart that you know to give it a read. I'd love some feedback on it, especially from kids. Is it interesting, boring, too wordy??? Let me know! Feel free to leave your comments.

I also have a web site which you can view at The focus of this site is to provide information to children, educators, beekeepers, enthusiasts and future beekeepers about honey bees, pollinators and beekeeping.

I do love winter. I really do. But I sure wish spring would hurry up and get here. This time I'm not going to break my arm!

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