Thursday, January 7, 2010

Get Some Bee TV

Since it's winter, hopefully you'll have some time free to watch a little Bee TV. Of course the show should be about our favourite topic: Bees.

Airing tonight is CBC-TV's documentary, narrated by David Suzuki, called To Bee or Not To Bee.

You can view an article on-line about the program at: CBC-TV.

The program will air again on 14 Jan 2010 on CTV-News or you can watch it online. On the link above, look to the right menu for "watch online" or click this link.

They cover beekeeping, focusing first on transport pollination done by commercial beekeepers in California for the almond crops. Also discussed is beekeeping in Europe (France) and neonicitinoids and various bans on this insecticide.

What's really cool is that many people I know were also interviewed for this program, one of them being Dr. Eugene Guzman who taught the introduction to beekeeping course that I took at Guelph University, Ontario. He discusses the research being done here on controlling varroa mites and other diseases. (I blogged previously on how they have created a new delivery system for a Thymol Treatment using the essential oil to kill Voarroa without killing the bees. They hope to have this available in future for commercial use).

The documentary is global, talking to beekeepers and researchers in the USA, Europe, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Wow. All I can say is that you will totally understand 90 year old "Bill" when he shows you his hives in the spring. Beekeepers sure love their bees. No question about it.

Don't miss this program bee lovers!
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