Monday, December 28, 2009

Sweet Gifts!

Don't you just love family members who know us beekeepers really well? They understand our obsession with bees.

They listen to us for hours as we talk about our bees, or maybe they pretend to listen but at least they do it tactfully enough that we don't notice their eyes are about to roll up in their heads.
They've console us on the phone when we're crying over a mishap with the bees.

They pay attention while we list off all the things we think we should do to help our hives. We ultimately make the best decision we know but family help us get to that decision.

They love us and understand us.
And they know better than to ever say "they're just bees". Because they aren't. They're family too.

I've restrained myself from visiting the bees this week although I did drop by briefly last week. I really do need to bring home my plastic storage bin so that'll be my handy excuse for a visit next week.
I hope to visit mid winter as well when there's lots of snow on the ground, just to see how those entrance reducers are working and to get some winter photos.

Now to the precious gifts: The first photos are of a glass dish called a Honey Dish. They were produced by a US company called Indiana Glass.

Originally they were made in the 1900's and then the company reproduced them again in the 1970's. They came in 29 colours (aquamarine, amber, amethyst, pink, white, etc.) To see a little history about Indiana glass visit this link

They are wonderfully decorated to delight the bee lover. Bees circle the top, sides and even the bottom of the container. Bees, flowers and bee skeps are on the sides.
Best of all, these glass containers were originally used to house the square cut honeycombs. What a wonderful vessel to house the precious combs.

I couldn't resist slipping some honeycomb into mine.
They're sold on E-Bay or on various on-line shopping sites. They're usually called vintage - which would refer to the dishes produced in the 1970's.
Of course I just love it.
I was also given a hand puppet bee made by Folkmanis Puppets. The bees' legs are a six fingered glove. Although it's more bumble bee like in appearance it'd be useful to use in presentations with young children. It even has four wings made of silk.
I especially like the fact that it doesn't have a stinger sticking out of its butt. That always gives the impression that bees go around with their stingers out all the time which we know just isn't true.
Maybe I don't have my bees just outside my back door but that's okay. I've got bee gifts to play with now.
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