Saturday, May 2, 2009

Plan Bee

Things are ramping up. It may be gradual but we're heading in the right direction.
This is the truck that I can't drive at the moment.
It's been very frustrating. The problem is my broken right arm and a standard transmission--not a good mix at the moment.
But the arm is improving, slowly.
Surgery isn't recommended so I'm happy to give that a pass.
I do worry some about long term use and joint problems, but for now it's a little less painful each day and that's very encouraging.
I still need to put frames together so I haven't tried that yet.
I won't push the arm too quickly... just imaging the vibrations on a cracked bone from hammering is enough to make me hesitate.
Dad offered to help and he made arrangements to get some free skids from Home Hardware.
So now I had a driver for that truck to get the skids.
The day before, while touring my garden I came across a bumble bee. She was nestled down inside the fallen leaves, keeping warm.
It was a cool day with sunshine but there was a cold breeze. The bee was taking advantage of the sun's heat trapped in the leaves. Later in the day it would warm up enough to fly and forage.
The rest of our plans for now are to get some cinder blocks to set the skids on. I still need a few supplies such as mite traps for the bottom of each hive and I'll order those in the next few days.
I've placed my order for two nuc hives. I'm just not sure if the delivery will be late May or early June.
Broken bones or not, Plan Bees progresses!
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