Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Just Bee-lieve!!!

I think this might actually happen.... I was having a hard time believing that it would happen. But despite broken bones and various other obstacles it is happening!

Thank God for Fathers, eh! Dad offered to help me set up my skids and cement blocks out in the swamp, now called the Bee Yard. (I'm not sure if it classifies as a bee yard with only 2 hives, but it's a start) and it looks like Dad will also become a beekeeper, so even better!

It wasn't so simple as just finding free skids (Thanks Home Hardware) and buying some cement blocks, we also had to clear the trail back about 200 yards from the road so we could easily navigate to the yard.

There were fallen trees that blocked the trail (a deer path) and it would be too hard to get the wheelbarrow over them but then I had Dad to help me. He brought his chain saw and after quite a few pulls on the cord it finally powered on and we were in business.

I used the bull cutters to cut away smaller branches and brambles - trying to do this with my left hand and various other body parts, excluding the right hand. But we got it done!

While we worked I noticed a lot of bumble bees working the area so I think my bees will be happy with the place. There's skunk cabbage, tons of trilliums, dandelions, pussy willows, cedars, hard wood trees, wild strawberries and wild raspberries. As well, there are farms all around the swamp and fields of alfalpha.

The bees are on order for June and this weekend I'll be in Guelph, Ontario attending the Integrated Bee Management Program course. It's teaching how to take care of your bees once you've got them - I'll report on that later. I'm just glad my arm is healed enough that I can write to take notes.
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