Thursday, October 3, 2013

Are you Cool?

You don't have to be a beekeeper for very long before you learn how hot it can get wearing the extra clothing to protect yourself.

Some people just don't wear bee suits.  They'll wear a t-shirt and shorts.  One beekeeper I know even wears flip flops.

On many days when working on the hives the bees are so calm I'd be tempted to wear just a t-shirt too.

But not all the time!

I wear a man's long sleeved shirt and jeans.  Sometimes I'll also wear a cotton apron that I got from Home Depot.

I find the bees don't sting through the shirt much, although they could if they tried.

I'll never forget my first experience with bees on the beekeepers' course.  It was spring and windy and the wind kept coming through the veil and making my hair blow into my eyes.  I had the veil tied down and it was a complete pain to be continually brushing hair from my eyes.

The solution?  Wear a bandanna.  It also helps stop the hat from shifting off when my hair is fresh washed and too slippery.

Even with this paired down gear I wear it's still hot when it's 30+ degrees Celsius with a humidex that makes the temperature feel like 40.

My solution for the heat is simple:  Apply water. 

I always have several large water jugs at the yard (water for bees, cooling water and washing water--in case of a formic acid mishap).

First I ALWAYS remember to remove my cell phone from my pocket.

Then I pour water on my hair and I allow it to slosh down my neck to my shirt and shoulders.

Wet hair is great to keep the head cool.  Have no hair?  Use a bandanna.

It keeps sweat out of your eyes too.

I wet my bandanna and then tie it over my hair.  It keeps the strands out of my eyes when working.

Yes my clothing will be damp but not for long.  While it's damp it keeps my body temperature at a tolerable level.  After a couple hours on a really hot day I'll have dried out and will need to re wet myself.

Try it on a hot day and see if it makes a difference.
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