Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Dog of a Day

Beekeeping is a time-consuming hobby as I'm sure you know.

We're all busy with our lives and many of us also have full time jobs and family to take care of as well.

It's hard to manage our days so that we can get to the bee yard.

We are at the mercy of the weather too and our working schedule.

This time of year it's even more challenging as the fall rains come.  This summer and fall we've received quite a bit of rain--enough to cause me to go to the doctor for arthritis medicine for my aching joints.

Some workers on the property where I keep my hives had done digging on the laneway to remove some old piping.  They left a gouge in the lane which I'd been driving through.

But as the rains came it got enlarged and became quite deep.  There was no gravel to hold the sandy soil and a lot of it washed away.  One night we got 100 mm of rain.

The next day I was trying to get to the bee yard because I had a queen I wanted to put into a queenless hive.
But I got stuck in that big rut.

My sister and her husband came out to try to pull me out.  We did a rope from trailer hitch to trailer hit.  It was actually working... until the rope broke.

So I lost that days work while I waited for a tow truck to get me out.

My sister brought their dog and she had a blast running around the property and digging in the mud and splashing through the large puddles.
Yes, it was a doggy day.
At least one four-legged critter was happy.

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