Saturday, June 2, 2012

Recycle Bees

Every time I set my hive tool down bees would collect on it.

I had not had the tool in honey and so I stopped to watch to see why they were so interested in my hive tool.

They were collecting the propolis.

On a table I had a hive feeder sitting on end, waiting to be scraped down with my hive tool.

But the bees had got there first.

This time I could see they actually were attaching the comb to their back legs.

This wax is what some people call burr comb--a mixture of propolis and wax.A few days later I actually witnessed a bee with proplis on both hind legs.

She also grabbed a piece in her jaws and tried to fly off with it, but she dropped it.  I witnessed this behaviour again on another day.

I believe these are my bees from swarms I collected.  They need propolis to seal up those frames and what better place to find it than the discarded bits I scrape off in the yard.

I discarded them but to the bees they are like gold.  So now I put the scrapings on a table and the bees collect there to gather it.

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