Sunday, March 11, 2012

First Spring VIsit to the Bee Yard

It was time.

Time to get back into the swing.  Time to turn the attention off of other matters.  Time to think about the bees.

On today's visit to the bee yard it was a beautiful day, sunny, windy but quite cold.  Temperatures were around 1 with a wind chill that made me glad I wore a hat.

The bee yard looked very much the same today as it did when I was last there in the fall.  There were small piles of dead bees out front, as expected.  I swept away.

No bees were flying but because of the cold I hadn't expected to see them.  I wish I had come out on some of the sunnier days were had when temperatures were much warmer.  Luck would have it that I wasn't available on those days.

At home I have woodenware that I haven't nailed together yet.  In the kitchen sit buckets of wax waiting for me to make candles.

Oh yes, it's time all right.  Time to consider the bees.

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