Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bartender - I'll have a Bee Drink Please

I think one of the best parts of joining your local bee club is how you spend your break time, drinking coffee and talking to fellow beekeepers.

[Photo from a bee meeting, fellow beekeepers Janice, Brad and Dave]

That's where the bee advice flows a-plenty and the real stories come out.

Like this one.

A local person found a fellow beekeeper through his web site and called.  He wanted to make a purchase.  Of dead bees.

Yes, dead.

So my fellow beekeeper lifted up the deep and scooped up a cup or so of dead bees.  He had to set a price so he charged $5.00.

The happy customer left with their dead bees.

Are wondering what on earth they will do with dead bees?  They put them in water and cook them.  Then they strain the body parts out, saving the liquid.  Then they add alcohol to the water.

And next they drink it.  <<gross!>>

Apparently it's very a common health recipe that Polish and Russian people drink.

There you go--another product line a beekeeper can offer for sale.  So don't hesitate to join your local bee club and get educated!
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