Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring Treament: Oxysol for American Foul Brood (AFB)

When reading the history of bees in North America they say the Pilgrims brought hives with them across the Atlantic Ocean to North America.

And they brought a bee disease too--American Foul Brood.

The Oxysol treatment, mixed into powdered sugar helps prevent an AFB infection from taking over the hive.

This treatment is 4 grams of Oxysol which is mixed into 32 grams of powdered sugar.

The hive is to be given 32 grams of this powdered mix once a week for four weeks.
The instructions mention sprinkling it on the bars, but a better way is to lay a square of wax paper on the frames and put the powder on that.

[Confectioner's sugar is regular white sugar but it's very finely ground so it dissolves very quickly.  Baker's often use it as a decorative sprinkle on fruits or for a quick dissolving sugar for drinks].

The reason for the 32 grams of sugar is to be sure the bees take in the treatment at a certain rate.

From reading the last two posts you can probably guess that having a small scales is a handy piece of equipment to have around.  Dad got our scales for under $10.00.

Here is a quote from the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture on spring/fall treatments with Oxysol:

OXYTET-25-S or OXYSOL-62.5 powdered sugar mix. Follow the label directions for preparation of material. Label must indicate that
the mixture can be used for honey bees. Treat according to the label on OXYTET-25-S or OXYSOL-62.5 with the powdered sugar mix along the margins of the brood chamber. Be careful not to put powdered mix directly on to open brood. Repeat 3 times at 4-5 day intervals in the spring and
in the fall. Stop treating 4 weeks before the main honey flow.

All bee colonies should be treated.
It is not recommended to use the sugar syrup method of application or products such as pollen substitutes as carriers, as this can contaminate honey, is less effective and will promote resistant AFB strains.


beekeeper 2 said...

Hello, Kinda a curious, are your treatments applied as preventatives due to climate or some other reason?

Beekeeper Barbara said...

Hi beekeeper 2. The Oxysol is a preventative treatment for the AFB. I added a quote from the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture with their recommendations for spring and fall.

Knatolee said...

A silly question, perhaps but aproximately how big a square of waxpaper? It sounds better than trying to get the powder on the bars without hitting brood!

Beekeeper Barbara said...

Hi Knatolee - I use a piece about 4 inches square - I set the waxpaper on the scales and then pour the powder until I get 32 grams (it looks like about 3 tablespoons). You need just enough wax paper to hold the powder.

The bees will chew up the paper and remove it from the hive so if your piece is larger it won't matter much.

Knatolee said...

Thanks, Barbara! :) Love your blog.