Saturday, April 9, 2011

Beekeeping Suppliers in Ontario

I have to say when I first started to meet beekeepers I was surprised to discover how willing they are to help.

Get us together in a room and the conversation will go on and on and on. There's a shared passion about bees that just gets us buzzing.

Another great thing about beekeepers are great beekeeping suppliers.

We have a lot of really good ones in both Canada and the USA. Some have been in business for generations. Below are links to lists of beekeeping suppliers in Ontario. (Why recreate the list since it's already on the web?)

USA Suppliers: Two well known companies are and Both are well respected and have been in business for years. Dadant has an on-line catalogue. They ship to Canada too.


beekeeper 2 said...

I'm familiar Where I'm at in the U.S. When in need, Dadant is usually the norm but mannlake ltd and some others are in driving distance.

round about way of sayin in hey..

Beekeeper Barbara said...

Beekeeper 2: Thanks for your input and 'hey' right back at ya.

I forgot about mannlake. And there's also brushmountainbeefarm.

Appel Mahmud said...

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