Thursday, March 3, 2011

New Convert

It's time to confess.

Do I love honey? Oh yes, I do.

But I would eat it straight from the spoon, tasting it much like how a wine specialist tastes wine.

I'd top off my bowl of fruit with a dribble of honey.

I'd put it on my porridge and definitely on my toast.

My tea and coffee .... well I've been drinking them for so long I was used to it tasting a certain way.

I'd run out of sugar or sweetener and I'd have to buy some. Imagine buying a sweetener when you have pounds and pounds of honey at your fingertips. It was embarrassing.

So I became determined. At first my tea was half drunk but slowly but surely my taste buds switched over and now I love my spoonful of honey in my tea.

Not only that, my favourite honey to have in my tea is the strong dandelion flavoured one. Yes people, I'm a new convert.
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