Monday, July 13, 2009

Supers are just.... Super! Week 5

Today I added my second supers to both hives. I just did a really quick check when I opened the hives - no photos of frames today.

Hive #2 had reached 7 of 10 frames of drawn comb in the super.

Hive #1 was at about 6 1/2 frames drawn so I went ahead and gave them their next super now too. This is the hive where I saw the queen in the first super a few days ago.

I was pleased to see lots of capped honey on the center frames in the super on this hive.

I expect I'll shortly be doing a full inspection with the purpose to locate the queen and put in my queen excluders.

I'm assuming that if the bees don't finished fully drawing out all the comb in the supers, I can probably rotate some frames into the center of the box so that they all get drawn out.

I'm noticing that things are moving fast--faster than I expected. I feel like I'm being taken by surprise, which shouldn't really be happening since for the most part I know what to expect.

I don't have any extracting equipment yet and I'm realizing that I'd better figure out what I want to do because it looks like I'll have at least two boxes of honey fairly soon. Yikes!! I mean, gee that's awesome!!!

I was relaxing for a few minutes watching the bees when I looked up to the trees above. The bees were zooming by coming and going to the hives. The sun was glinting off their bodies like a quick sparkle which I thought was really neat. What's even better is that it did show up on the video so I can share the moment with you too.
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