Monday, September 7, 2015

Does your bee yard Stink? If so, that's a good sign

Relax.  It's okay.

It's not AFB that you're smelling in your yard.  My first year of beekeeping I got so worried when I smelled my hives.

If you've opened your hives at this time of year then the smell will be even stronger.

What is it?  It's the smell you'll have in your yard every fall - it's Goldenrod nectar being processed.

What does it smell like?  Stinky socks or stinky feet is the best description.

The cured honey doesn't smell.  It's only while the bees are processing it.

So inhale.  Relax.

And think about that amazing flavour of goldenrod honey - my favourite honey flavour.

3 comments: said...

Sounds great to have the hives!! By the turn of the retirement age I promise to begin owing bees as well! they'll bring me, I suppose, a great bulk of enjoyment!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

My favorite honey is Bamboo. Have you tried this variety. They blossom every 10 years (Is that what the Porland State University Farmers Market beekeeper taught me? making availability more rare. I want more Bamboo honey and next availability I can over purchase knowing I can keep spreadable/easily usable now. Thanks to you.
I will make a point to seek and taste goldenrod honey soon. I love knowledge... you have opened a new door.