Sunday, May 17, 2015

Removing Winter Wraps - In stages

 Here's photos to show how I try not to confuse the bees by removing the wraps all at once.
I've watched them when they come back and a lot of bees get confused with the sudden change from a black hive with a the wrap pulled low to a suddenly colourful hive.
I can do this because I'm a hobby beekeeper and I know this isn't practical for commercial beekeepers.
First I pull up the wrap and tuck it under to expose the entrance, often the entrance reducer is still in place.
This year when doing the formic acid mite treatment I removed the entrance reducers but left the wraps on and pulled them up so it wasn't blocked.
Then as the weather got warmer I came back to strip off the wraps.  Leaving them on longer won't hurt the bees and can help them to keep the brood warm.

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Julie said...

This is an excellent tip! I'd never thought about it before, but I believe you're right. It must be very confusing for them. Thanks for sharing!