Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Insect Mimicry

The idea is really quite brilliant:  Take a scary insect and make yourself look just like it.  Then others will be scared of you too.

The result is they'll leave you alone.

There's a whole raft of insects from earwigs to flies that are stingless and harmless but they copy the bees stripes as a deterrent.

It's like having a built in security system.

I rescued these "bees".  While visiting friends outside London these fake bees were coming in the barn door and hanging around the window.

[photo from Wikipedia - false bees]

It was cool outside but the sun in the barn window was pleasant and warm.  These insects had the humans scared until I picked them up and showed them.

They're actually flies - complete with fur and stripes the exact same colour as a honey bee.

Their tongues are like a fly' with the round stopper at the end.

One particular bee liked me and actually sat on my hand and arm for over an hour.

The attraction was probably my great personality as a fake bee whisperer and not that I was warm or anything like that.

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