Saturday, March 28, 2015

Hive Tilting

Hive tilting was one piece of wisdom that my beekeeping mentor gave me and it was very helpful.

New beekeepers are often uncertain what is going on inside a hive.  It takes a few seasons to develop a knack for looking at the outside of a hive and having a pretty good idea what is going on inside.

We do need to do inspections to be watchful of bee health and invade the bees privacy to add treatments, frames, etc., but the less often we disturb them the better.

The overwintering advice in Ontario is that a deep should be full of honey - about 85 lbs.

Aside from lifting the deep, the best advice is to stick the hive tool under one edge and tilt the hive.  If it's full, it'll feel like it's glued to the floor.

This is a really awesome non-invasive quick way to test the fullness of a super or a deep.
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