Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Wild

 I love The Pines.
[early spring photo]
Originally the land was a gravel pit which would explain the gorgeous large pond at the base of the hills.  The rest has been let to go naturally and it's grown into a lovely meadow filled with native plants and flowers.
The property is now conservation land.
Beekeepers are permitted to set up (with permission) on conservation land.
If you are having trouble finding a decent bee yard for yourself you might want to touch base with your municipality and any conservation organizations in your area.  You might be surprised and find a great spot.
But there are challenges to this property.  I've blogged about the raccoons that live in this wild area.  Another issue is field mice.
They moved into my large plastic bins with glee and made nests in the bottom.  Every spot that provides some shelter from rain was quickly moved into.
They chew through duct tape pretty readily too.  I'm glad there are owls and hawks in the area to hunt them.
I left two inner covers sitting out and two weeks later I came back to see mommy mouse nursing her two babies.  She got up to run away, dragging her babies who were clutched to her nipples.  I let them go.
I'm learning that in my new wild yards I can't leave stuff out like I did at my old yard.  Here the wild encroaches and takes every opportunity it can to make a home.
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