Monday, May 19, 2014

Bee Poop

We learn that bees have a rule about poop and that is they're not supposed to do it inside the hive.
But if the bees are suffering from Nosema, they can get a bit of diarrhea and there can be poop on the inside of the hive - on the tops bars.
This winter I had two hives that had poop on the top bars and I suspect it was Nosema. These hives did not survive the winter.
I've had a problem feeding medication for Nosema.  The bees won't eat the medicated syrup.
I feed Fumigilin B in sugar syrup in both spring and fall. Last fall they wouldn't eat it at all and I ended up throwing most of it out--a waste of money buying sugar and the medication and the bees go untreated.
The last two years they haven't shown a great deal of interest in sugar water even non-medicated. With this winter being so brutally cold I believe that the bees went out through the top entrance and pooped on the side of the hive and then went right back in. If a bee tried to fly, she'd never make it back. It was that cold.
There's a ton of poop around the entrance hole on most of the hives. I don't think it's entirely from Nosema.
I've taken my hive tool and scraped most of it off. I'm sure the bees would dread having to clean that up. The rain should help rinse some of it away too.
This spring I'm feeding honey in baggies and no bee will turn down honey.
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