Thursday, June 20, 2013

Recipe for Pollen Patties

Recipe:  Pollen Substitute, Protein Supplement

2.8 lb    Brewers yeast (nutritional supplement)
2.8 lb    Granulated white sugar
900 ml  Water

Add the water slowly, stiring the mixture.  Then mix with your hands.

Flatten the patties between sheets of wax paper.  Leave the wax paper on when putting in hives.  Rest the patty on the top bars of the frames.

You can freeze them for future use.

Recipe from the book The Hive and the Honey Bee by J.M. Graham, Ed:

Chapter 14:  "Managerment for Honey Production":

Makes 32 Cakes:
2 ounces (4 pounds) pollen
6 ounces (12 pounds) soybean flour
5.5 ounces (11 pounds) water
10.5 ounces (21 pounds) sugar
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