Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Great News: MAQ mite treament to use during the honey flow

This is a copy and paste of an email received from Kim Flottum of Bee Culture called Catch The Buzz. (You can subscribe to Kim's emails which are great to keep up with the latest news in the beekeeping community).

I don't know yet if these MAQ mite strips are approved for use in Canada or Europe.

This ezine is also available online at


Mite Away Quick Strip (tm) Gets Section 3 Label

The US beekeeping industry will welcome a versatile new product to the varroa mite control tool box. Mite Away Quick Strips™ (MAQS™) was officially federally registered by EPA in the United States as of February 4, 2011, obtaining the Section 3 registration.

The product will be gradually available over the next few months as production ramps up and pesticide registrations are obtained in each state.

MAQS™ is a formic acid gel strip product. Two strips are placed on the top bars in the brood area of the hive. The treatment period is seven days and can be used during the honey flow at temperatures up to 93 degrees F. No extra equipment is required. MAQS™ achieves up to 95% mite kill and penetrates the capping to destroy the male mite and immature female mites as well as the phoretic female mites on the adult bees.

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