Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Benefits of Politics

Some would say there are few benefits to politics.

They might be right.

But beekeepers will nonetheless advise you to get to know your local politician.


Your mind might jump immediately to noble reasons like petitioning the government to fund more research into bee illnesses or to stop the use of pesticides.

All very good reasons.

But no, their first bit of advice is to get to know your local politician, especially just after an election. Win or lose, he or she will have all those plastic corrugated signs to dispose of. You can save them from the trash by offering to collect them.

These signs are perfect to make sticky boards to put under your Varroa Screens. Note: They cut more easily with a box cutter blade than with scissors.

I put a small hole and a strong cord through the end of mine so I have a pull cord to remove them more easily.

Another use is to put on top of your outer cover, secured by a couple bricks.

They can create a 3 or 4" roof over the front and/or back of the hive. They create shelter for bees that are hanging around the front stoop and on hot days they give shade to the bees.

We also found the very handy to use as a lid for a super.

They were a quick and light weight solution to an immediate need to cover both underneath and on top of a super. Those bees will get back into the super in a hurry if you don't cover it top and bottom.

But don't forget to do the petition thing to. It's pretty important.


Phillip said...

The signs are also quite handy for making starter strips on foundationless frames.

Barbara's Spot on the Blog said...

Phillip, what an awesome tip! Thank you. I'm going to add it as an addendum to the blog. Barbara