Saturday, November 21, 2009

Beekeeper Mail

To the Grade 1 and 2 classes and Mrs. Bennett's grade 2 & 3 class:

Thank you so very much for your letters about beekeeping and honey bees.

I really enjoyed reading them and I was very impressed with your letter writing.

You were all listening very well and I'm glad that you learned a lot more about honey bees.

I had a lot of fun visiting your school and talking about my favourite subject.

(Can you guess what my favourite subject is?....... Yes, it's honey bees!!!)

Next time I come to visit I hope to bring some bees to show you but don't worry, the bees will be in a special cage behind glass so they won't hurt you.

It was fun buzzing like bees and trying on the bee suits.

Soon it will snow and the bees will hibernate for the winter. Then in spring when it gets warmer they will fly out in search of nectar and pollen for their hive to feed to their brother and sister bees.

I hope you will enjoy seeing bees in the garden and the taste of honey on your toast. It's so yummy!


Barbara Beekeeper

P.S. I forgot to tell you in my talk that honey bees can count! They can count all the way up to 4. Not bad for a 'stupid insect' eh? If you are wondering how they count, they use visual landmarks to find their home. So a tree and a bush and a flower and a rock would be 4 things the bee would remember when she's looking for her home. They use smell too but just like humans they rely on things they can see too to find their way around.
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